Aesthetic Ecstasy

The ultimate beauty formula

Beauty and wellness, together at last in one sublime, holistic experience.

Nuvola Experience is a three-part system that revolutionises traditional beauty treatments and transforms beauty centres and beauty areas of hotels and wellness/fitness centres into futuristic beauty spas.

By using these three elements in synergy with each other you can enhance the results of beauty treatments and massages, combining all the physical and psychological benefits of  loating, hot tub and contrasting heat, with no direct contact with water.


Value Booster

Dedicated to you

Nuvola Experience is the ideal solution for so many businesses in need of renovating or expanding their offer. It is also possible to open up a new beauty centre or replace your existing beauty centre with an exclusive Nuvola Beauty Centre, to offer the market a new proposal with a unique identity.


Float High, On The Most Solid Of Clouds

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