A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sophisticated, high-tech massage bed with water mattress for all forms of massage and body treatment. Like a warm tropical beach, it guarantees the maximum of sensual pleasure for the guests and outstanding comfort for the practitioner.

  • Water-filled mattress
  • Gentle wave for absolute relaxation
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Height-adjustable bed
  • Coloured lights
  • Contour-mould face hole with support for aromas


Maximum ease for the practitioner is guaranteed by the optimal mattress grip on the guest’s body and the adjustable surface height.

The relaxation effect is amplified by a gentle wave effect that ripples up the guest’s body, from the feet to the neck and slowly back down again.

The coloured lights and contour-mould face hole with support for essential oils guarantee absolute relaxation for all the senses.

The blend of warmth, coloured lights, scents and delicate rhythmic waves encourage absolute relaxation and enhance the healing touch of the practitioner's hands and efficacy of the massage.

Everything contributes to transmitting the sensation of being “elsewhere,” caressed by the gentle waves of a warm tropical sea.

This system means that blankets are no longer required in winter, while in summer it can refresh the body when water is used at room temperature.


Soffio at 360°



nuvola rovere chiaro
nuvola rovere wenge
nuvola rovere bianco
nuvola bosco blu
nuvola muschio verde
nuvola terra chiara
nuvola rosa viola
battista rovere chiaro
battista rovere wenge
battista rovere bianco
battista bosco blu
battista muschio verde
battista terra chiara
battista rosa viola
soffio rovere chiaro
soffio wenge
soffio rovere bianco
soffio bosco blu
soffio muschio verde
soffio terra chiara
soffio rosa viola