The Advantages Of Nuvola Experience

The experience that’s worth it.

The “Nuvola Experience” range of products revolutionize your spa or beauty center, enhancing the results of aesthetic treatments thanks to innovative scientific solutions to regenerate body and mind.

Nuvola, Soffio and Battista guarantee complete hygiene and are easy to sanitize after every single use.


For your clients

The aesthetic treatment becomes a truly emotional experience.

The treatment application and massage phases find a precious synergy that transforms every appointment into a wellness experience.

The efficacy of both the treatment application and the massage is enhanced exponentially.

Physical and psychological benefits are added to the aesthetic benefits of the treatment.

Nuvola Experience is dry: The guest’s body and hair do not get wet


For your business

Your beauty centre is transformed into a beauty spa.

Your spa can offer a superior beauty experience which works in perfect harmony with saunas and steam baths.

You can manage pairs of clients with one single practitioner.

You can retain loyalty by offering customised programs.

Nuvola Experience is suitable for use with any line of cosmetics: The procedures of each one brings out the best in the other.

Nuvola Experience is accompanied by a Book of Rituals, a manual which exploits the full potential of the system.

With Nuvola Experience you receive a training package which is both efficient and easy to teach.

With Nuvola Experience you receive a communication kit to exploit your investment.

Installation of the system is simple and rapid.

Maintenance is minimal and consumption reduced.


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