Nuvola Experience

Nuvola Experience is a three-part system for beauty,
wellness, fitness centers and spa hotels

The Nuvola Experience begins on Nuvola, following the manual techniques described in the Book of Rituals. Pindasweda cloths or chets are used during this phase, heated or cooled as required in the respective compartments of Battista, the impeccable assistant who is right by the practitioner’s side throughout.


Cream, oil, mud, clay, etc. All treatments, including scrubs, can be applied easily, following the protocols of any cosmetic line of your choice.


The practitioner swathes the guest in a disposable sheet and then between the warm, water-filled wings of Nuvola. The platform is lowered electronically and the guest begins to float in 400 litres of water at adjustable temperature. And all without getting wet.


At the end of the treatment the bed rises, slowly bringing body and mind to a gentle re-emergence from this experience of pure leasure. Assisted by Battista and the Book of Rituals, the practitioner rounds off the treatment and accompanies the guest to the shower.


The next phase of the experience takes place on the sophisticated massage table: Soffio, which like a soft, warm tropical beach, welcomes the guest and supports him in a soft, temperature-adjustable water mattress with a rhythmic waves, illuminated by soft, enveloping, coloured light.


Aided by the electronically adjustable height system the practitioner can perform an outstanding massage, enhancing it with alternating touch and pressure using Pindasweda cloths and sachets, cooled or heated by Battista as required.


During prone massage the face rests in a special triangular hole, leaving the nose and mouth free to breathe so the guest can enjoy the scent of his/her favourite essential oils, housed in the integrated holder.


The experience ends with the winding-down techniques and salutations as described in the Book of Rituals, giving the guest time to bask in the sensation of utter well-being and profound lightness to the fullest.


Choose Nuvola Experience products

Uniqueness and distinction that sets you apart from traditional beauty centres.

Expansion of your existing offer with significant added value.

Interest-free operating lease.

Communication kit and set-up of your Nuvola Experience space.

Book of Rituals describing the manual technique procedures for simple, efficient use of the Nuvola Experience system.

Training package to introduce the system and teach staff how to use the book and the equipment correctly.

Inclusion of your name and business details on our international website www.nuvolaexperience.it


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