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Become a Nuvola Beauty Centre.

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The benefits of being a Nuvola Beauty Centre

Open, or transform your business into, an exclusive Nuvola Beauty Centre.
A long list of advantages for you:

Exclusive differentiation, setting you apart from traditional beauty centres

Revolution of your offer with significant added value

Interest-free operating lease

Assistance in defining the architectural/visual layout of your centre in accordance with Nuvola guidelines

Communication kit and set-up of your Nuvola Beauty Centre

Support in promoting your business with periodical materials off and online

Book of Rituals describing the manual technique procedures for simple, efficient use of the Nuvola Experience system

Training package to introduce the system and teach staff how to use the equipment correctly

Appropriate promotion of your centre and your offer on our international website


Why to become a Nuvola Beauty Centre

Nuvola Experience is the ideal solution for so many businesses in need of renovating or expanding their offer. Further possibilities include opening up a new beauty centre or replacing your existing beauty centre with an exclusive Nuvola Beauty Centre in order to offer the market a new proposal with a unique identity.


Large beauty centres
Can develop Nuvola Experience (shop in shop) to expand, enhance and refresh their offer.

Small beauty centres
Can revolutionise their layout from a traditional beauty centre to an exclusive Nuvola Beauty Centre.

Small accommodation facilities
Small hotels can replace their beauty area with a futuristic Nuvola Experience, in a turnkey solution which is also wellsuited
to situations of frequent turnover.

Medium and large accommodation facilities
Hotels, resorts, relais, etc. can enhance their offer with the precious added value of Nuvola Experience or an exclusive Nuvola Beauty Centre. This is an investment that you can exploit to the full, not only in beauty treatments but also, to name just a few, to offer the countless advantages of floatation to business clientele (jet-lag recovery, improvement of physical and mental performance, stress reduction, etc.).

Beauty/wellness/fitness centres already in possession of nuvola
Nuvola Experience is a precious opportunity to add new value to your investment through:
• Simple and quick aesthetic overhaul of the bed/tub;
• The opportunity to extend the scope of existing offers through the addition of Soffio and Battista.

Medium and large fitness centres
Can add to their existing offer Nuvola Experience in a solution which is easy both to set up and to manage.

Cosmetic companies
Can choose Nuvola Experience to transform cosmetic treatment into holistic spa experiences.


Become a Nuvola Beauty Centre

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