The sustainable lightness of being

Floatation bed/bath for every imaginable type of body wrap, also suitable for scrubs and mini massages.

  • Zero gravity dry-floatation
  • 400 litres of temperature-adjustable water
  • Complete, uniform immersion
  • Patented coloured light system
  • Hydrojets for targeted massages


400 litres of water and a water-filled upper sheet allow for complete, uniform immersion with no direct contact with the water.

The absence of gravity improves the microcirculation.

The synergistic effect of water pressure, hydro massage and temperature promotes the opening of the skin’s pores and intensifies the effects of the treatment.

The basal body temperature increases perspiration, facilitating the elimination of impurities.

Floating allows for complete physical and mental relaxation, which improves general wellbeing with resultant benefits on the body and on the mind.

The coloured lighting, in the guest’s favourite colour or in a sequence of colours, promotes relaxation.


Nuvola at 360°



nuvola rovere chiaro
nuvola rovere wenge
nuvola rovere bianco
nuvola bosco blu
nuvola muschio verde
nuvola terra chiara
nuvola rosa viola
battista rovere chiaro
battista rovere wenge
battista rovere bianco
battista bosco blu
battista muschio verde
battista terra chiara
battista rosa viola
soffio rovere chiaro
soffio wenge
soffio rovere chiaro
soffio bosco blu
soffio muschio verde
soffio terra chiara
soffio rosa viola