The spa experience without the spa: now you can!


Tough time for wellness centers and spas? The world has changed and, while we wait for the “new normal” to take shape, we must rethink our way of living and working, especially in the wellness sector.


For a wellness experience to be effective and ensure significant and lasting results, three factors are necessary: heat, water, and rest – legacy of the Roman tradition that has also been scientifically confirmed in recent years.


The heat envelops the body, it warms up and relaxes the muscles, it favors capillary vasodilation, and it promotes serotonin production. The subsequent cold reaction, on the other hand, helps vasoconstriction which “trains” the adventitia – the outer layer of the blood vessels, making them more resistant, and promotes mental presence. The rest phase is critical to allow our body to process and absorb the beneficial effects derived from the alternation between hot and cold temperatures.

In traditional spas, the well-being formula is obtained through the heat of the sauna and steam bath, the cold reaction through showers and ice, and the rest phase in the relaxation areas.


How can you have a spa experience without a spa, then?

There is a solution, and it is Nuvola Experience.



with Nuvola

Nuvola is a patented system that makes the most of the therapeutic effects of dry floatation and zero gravity. On 400 liters of hot water, the body experiences deep relaxation, the muscle and joint tensions are relieved, the spine is distended, and the venous and lymphatic circulation is improved, fighting water retention. At the same time, the levels of cortisol in the body are reduced and sleep is promoted, allowing our mind to recharge and block out daily worries.

If combined with traditional beauty treatments, Nuvola enhances their effect, leaving the guest with an unforgettable memory of a one-of-a-kind experience of “beautiness”.


Cold reaction

with Battista

Battista is not just a cart: it’s a key ally for your expert hands. This innovative and functional system allows you to warm up and cool off accessories and cosmetics, applying the scientific benefits of the cold reaction to the treatment with Nuvola, as well as to all the other treatments and services in your offer.



with Soffio

The Nuvola Experience continues on Soffio, where the guest gets to experience the utmost expression of relaxation: thanks to its unique and innovative water-membrane, Soffio turns your massage into a real sensory experience of relaxation.


That is how, in just 30 square meters and in a technological, hygienic, and easy-to-sanitize solution, you can offer your clients a spa without a spa.


If you like the idea but do not have enough space, do not worry:

  • Do you want to expand your clientele and integrate your offer with a solution for health and beauty even without beauty treatments? Choose Nuvola!
  • Do you want to make the most of your offer of massages and relaxing treatments, building the loyalty of your existing customers? Choose Soffio!


Either way, do not miss out on the opportunity of being supported at all times by Battista, integrating all of your services with the extraordinary therapeutic effect of the alternation between hot and cold temperatures applied to cosmetics and accessories!


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