The Global Wellness Summit has just ended and, like every year, it has defined the guidelines for the leading wellness trends for 2021.

Hotels and spas are suffering from the financial consequences of Covid-19. Now they have the opportunity to meet the new emerging needs of a market that is becoming more and more conscious about the topics of health and preventive care.

Let’s discover together the main wellness trends to consider.



Covid-19 has led to greater awareness about the importance of taking care of oneself and having a strong and balanced immune system every day.

“There’s going to be an increased focus on strengthening and supporting immunity and physical fortitude” – explains Sandra Ballantine, journalist for W Magazine . “We expect to see more customized immunity hacks – like genetic testing and biohacking, which will provide clients with a blueprint of their health and pinpoint the right treatments for them.”

Clinique La Prairie and Lefay Resorts are just two of the centers of excellence that are already moving in this direction. If you run a hotel or a spa, you can complete your offer with innovative solutions for your guests’ physical and mental health. Nuvola Experience allows you to offer  a complete solution for health and beauty, with rituals and cycles designed to meet the specific “beautiness” needs of each and every one of us.

It is a remedy for insomnia, it reduces stress and can be used together with other beauty therapy technologies. Nuvola is an innovative and effective tool to attract new market segments and build your guests’ loyalty.



Mental well-being has been at the center of wellness trends for some years now. However, the stress, loneliness and uncertainty about the future caused by Covid-19 have made people significantly more conscious about it over the last few months.

We are more and more aware of how much our mind can affect our physical health. From sleep therapy, to mindfulness and breathing, more and more people are looking for effective solutions to face daily challenges with a positive approach.

The GWS defines mental well-being as “an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect and function. It is an active process that helps us to build resilience, grow and flourish” that needs to be supported by four pillars: activity and creativity; growth and nourishment; rest and rejuvenation; connection and significance.

Starpool has developed a platform of contents for mental well-being. If applied to the Nuvola Experience concept, they uses the therapeutic effect of dry floatation to induce a mental state that favors meditation. In this way you will be able to offer your guests an innovative and astonishing way to practice mindfulness or learn to breathe correctly. Two among the most popular mental “workouts” worldwide.

And not only that! Thanks to this technological and adaptable Virtual Coach, you will be able to theme relaxation areas and rooms, or to create actual events with training programs as background sound.



The GWS working table agrees on the idea that nature will continue to be among the predominant wellness trends. Now more than ever, the limitations on social relations push people to more or less prolonged retreats to nature. In this context, outdoor wellness becomes a great chance to stand out and to meet a widespread need in the market. Swimming in natural locations, bathing in the forest, meditating surrounded by nature and the use of thermal gardens are but a few ideas!

Elaine Glusac, journalist for the New York Times, has confirmed it: “We know nature is very healing and people are turning to it to find solace during the pandemic, because they can’t travel and socialise like usual.”

In addition, the very common need of “logging off” from the digital world, putting smartphones aside and finding one’s inner balance again shouldn’t be underestimated. A great chance to offer programs of “digital detox” immersed in nature!

If your hotel is in a location immersed in nature, complete your offer with “outdoor” experiences that allow your guests to live wellness and mental and physical regeneration in connection with the surrounding environment.

Natura Sauna – Outdoor collection by Starpool Wellness Concept


If, on the other hand, you don’t have the chance to rely on the surrounding natural environment, you can choose the innovative systems of immersive wellness or of virtual reality, using technology to offer your guests an experience that will have a guaranteed wow effect.



If you run a hotel or a spa, contact us to try Nuvola Experience and have a free consult to effectively integrate it in your offer.