Wellness – an individual’s psycho-physical balance – is taking up an increasingly important role in the assessment of our quality of life.  This trend is confirmed by the goals of the World Health Organization that is focused on helping “all populations achieve the highest possible level of health”, which is defined as “a state of total physical, mental and social well-being”, not merely “the absence of diseases or illnesses”.


As Katherine Johnston, senior research fellow at the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), explains: “Our relationship with wellness used to be occasional in the past, but this approach is now changing and it is quickly giving way to a wellness-oriented mental state which encompasses many aspects of our daily life, ranging from diet to more attention to the well-being of both body and mind to reduce stress”.

Wellness intended as “living well” actually urges us on a daily basis to seek efficient solutions for the body and the mind, which are no longer perceived as luxury, but something necessary to live a healthy and satisfactory life.

What are the beauty and wellness trends for the near future?

"Stress relieving" wellness

Are you one of many who have felt distressed lately? When going through hard times, our body produces larger amounts of cortisol, which negatively affects our peace of mind as well as having adverse effects and creating imperfections on our body. Although the lockdown cannot be said to have extinguished our desire to take care of ourselves and give ourselves beauty treatments, it has definitely brought out a latent need for therapies to relieve stress.


Using the therapeutic power of dry floatation, Nuvola has the potential to be the most innovative and effective solution for your facility too: an in-depth action on cortisol, especially if at regular intervals and possibly in combination with a functional cosmetic product, produces long-lasting beneficial effects deep down at physiological level as well as on the surface as is evident from the aesthetic results. Nuvola can be the right option for you to respond to the new needs of your affectionate guests as well as to expand your customer base offering a stress relieving solution other than a conventional beauty treatment.

"Emotional" wellness

In a perfect world, everybody is happy to take care of their wellness under all aspects, but in reality we have to prioritise our choices. What will be the most wanted dimension of wellness? Emotional wellness, you can bet! Beauty aesthetic treatments giving new life to face and body are no longer enough: true holistic experiences of mental and physical regeneration are the new frontier. An increasing multitude of people – men and women alike – have rediscovered the pleasure to take care of themselves spending their time and money on treatments and therapies that have an inside-out action and help rebalance their emotional state, with the possibility to then use the newly found balance to maximise aesthetic results.


All the products from the Nuvola Experience range have been conceived to combine beauty and health, wellness and functionality. When used in conjunction with an aesthetic treatment, the Nuvola tub maximises the effectiveness of treatment on both body and mental regeneration, which is ensured by the scientific benefits of floatation. Soffio, on its turn, converts a massage into a real emotional holistic treatment during which the skilled touch of the operator becomes one with this unique technology, the result being an unprecedented regenerating effect. Last but not least for its contribution in making the above easier is Battista, a support for the operator and a guarantee for guests that all their 5 senses will be activated.

"Hygienic and safe" wellness

Honestly speaking, hygiene and safety have always been two key aspects in the beauty and wellness industry. It is equally true, however, that today’s standards and procedures require new competences as the increasingly informed pool of customers direct their choices to facilities and treatments that can guarantee utmost safety.


The products from the Nuvola Experience range have always met the highest hygienic and safety standards: they are made of innovative materials that are easy to sanitise and offer innovative therapeutic solutions, such as dry floatation on the Nuvola tub, for a comprehensive treatment that is good for health and psycho-physical well-being, with minimised contact by the operator.

If you wish to learn more about the products from the Nuvola Experience range and the innovative Beauty Concepts you may introduce in your facility to make a difference and meet the needs of now highly demanding customers, write us an email at info@nuvolaexperience.it