Elche, a pretty town of Moorish origins, stretches out in the shade of over 200,000 palm trees, which makes it a destination that nature lovers should not miss. After taking a stroll in the suggestive millennial palm grove and an excursion in the local natural reserves, inhabitants and tourists alike can enjoy a moment of beauty and wellness in a very exclusive centre: the RITUAL SWEET.


The centre offers a wide selection of face and body treatments which are given by wellness experts in an environment where great attention is paid to each and every detail, from the selection of cosmetic products to superbly maintained furnishings. RITUAL SWEET is a true oasis of wellness where guests feel welcome and pampered.    


In a highly aggressive and competitive context where beauty centres can hardly differentiate the treatments on offer, Jessica has deliberately introduced the “Nuvola Experience” concept in order to grant her guests an unforgettable experience and to maximise the effectiveness of the beauty treatments she proposes. “The WOW effect starts immediately” – Jessica explains – “as soon as the guest steps into the beauty centre and s/he is walked around by our operator for a short introduction on the equipment the operator will be using during the treatment”.


Nuvola, Soffio and Battista have been installed in two connecting rooms. The rooms can, however, be separated when the need exists to offer discrete treatments contemporarily, without depriving the guest of the opportunity to enjoy the intense wellness path guaranteed by the synergy of these three products.


Jessica has developed a “menu” of treatments in which she can use Nuvola, Soffio and Battista every day in a different way with a view to fulfilling the diversified needs of each guest. The offer includes face and body massage, relaxing or de-contracting treatments, wellness paths for couples or floatation sessions for “hit and run” customers.


Additionally, each guest is proposed a complete Welcome Ritual which uses the potential of aromatherapy on specific areas of the face to instantly activate relaxation, which makes the treatment an experience that is hard to forget.


“The opening of Ritual Sweet in an area where renowned beauty centres have been in operation for many years now has been a real challenge” – Jessica explains to us. – “I am happy I have had trust in Nuvola Experience as it is a distinguishing product for my centre and it enables me to offer a real “dry spa” that is effective for my guests and easy to maintain for me. Cases of people affected with skin diseases are on the rise nowadays: having the opportunity to offer the regenerating power of dry floatation and to maximise the treatment effectiveness without any side effects is a great advantage”.