Lys de Beauté


Lys De Beauté is a specialized center for wellness slimming and shaping treatments, run passionately by Monica and Katia. Since 2015, they have taken care of women’s beauty, welcoming every client in a smart and relaxing location in Sesto Fiorentino.

Dedication and attention to detail

The key? Great attention to ageing prevention and skin blemishes, meticulous attention to detail and guaranteed results. Every wellness treatment is customized to answer the needs of every guest, with the goal of ensuring an all-around benefit in terms of health and beauty.


Wellness reborn

Lys De Beauté has dedicated a luxury cabin to Nuvola, together with Starpool, chosen as its partner to ensure an unforgettable wellness experience to their clients. Nuvola allowed Katia and Monica to achieve their goal, helping them to create a new method and work protocol, designed specifically for the post-Covid era, with the will to take care of people’s mental and physical well-being.

Nuvola, thanks to the therapeutic effect of dry floatation, is particularly indicated for those in search of an effective anti-stress treatment. With the combination of specific solutions designed for psycho-physical well-being, Nuvola is the perfect companion for a moment of pampering and lightness, as it enhances these feelings and makes them last for several days, improving the quality of sleep.



What do Katia en Monica think about it?

“Purchasing Nuvola was a great investment, it is an exclusive service for our center. Our clients are satisfied and, through word of mouth, everyone in Sesto Fiorentino is talking about it. This product gave us greater visibility and brought new clients who wouldn’t have come our way otherwise. The great thing about Nuvola is that it is suitable for men and women of every age: we are completely satisfied, for sure”.

What do the clients think about it?

“An amazing feeling. It’s not a chance that it is called Nuvola – cloud: it feels like you’re in a cloud that’s gently carrying you, massaging you, making you feel good. You should all try it, because it’s an indescribable feeling” – Rossana


“I’m still spacing out. Amazing, it feels just like taking a break after a frantic week” – Elisa


“Embracing, relaxing, something to try for sure” – Laura


“Sublime. A wonderful feeling of abandonment and trust. I’d recommend it to everyone” – Angela


“A fantastic experience. I feel very light right now” – Silvia





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