Its origins

The hot/cold alternation as a method of personal care dates back to the end of 19th century, when Sebastian Kneipp discovered the thermal and mechanical effects of hydrotherapy, while studying its impact on the nervous and immune systems.

Actually, the so-called “Kneipp Cure” was a much more complex method that paved the way to the current concept of “holistic” therapy, thus considering the individual as an indissoluble marriage of body and soul.  In fact, it is founded on 5 main pillars:

  1. Hydrotherapy
  2. Phytotherapy
  3. Nutrition
  4. Exercise
  5. A balanced lifestyle

The modern hot/cold alternation

Today, there is no doubt about the therapeutic power of hot/cold alternation: the central nervous system transfers to the body all the stimuli received at a skin level, thus reinforcing the immune system and balancing the endocrine system; moreover, it strengthens the circulatory and venous system thanks to its passive exercise produced by the alternation between vasodilation and vasoconstriction).  While heat calms and soothes the body, thus increasing vasodilation and slowing down the activity of internal organs, cold boosts and reinvigorates them: this alternate pace reduces stress and positively stimulates body and mind.

Then technological innovations came to help us, and today they allow us to achieve differences in temperature which are much higher than in the past. Just think about cryotherapy, that enables the body to undergo a temperature of -190 degrees Celsius: this was unthinkable up to some years ago.


Glamour Ice Pro – by Starpool Wellness Concept


The hot/cold alternation is now used not only in wellness facilities and in the beauty sector, but also in sports medicine, traumatology and for the treatment of several diseases.


Nuvola Experience application

Nuvola Experience originates from 45 years of experience and research at Starpool, a leading company in wellness facilities design and creation; our company historical DNA, that can be ascribed to the ancient wellness formula “heat, cold reaction, rest”, is conveyed to every product, method or protocol designed for the wellness sector.

And Battista is exactly what you can find within our Nuvola Experience product range: an essential system to apply hot/cold alternation benefits to every beauty treatment or ritual.   Thanks to its preheated plate and heating and cooling compartments, Battista allows the operator to have heated or frozen accessories and cosmetics always at hand.



That is how a beauty treatment, thanks to Battista, becomes a holistic experience of wellness, health and immune system strengthening.

If you want to find out more about Battista and the extraordinary benefits it may add to your Wellness offer send us an email to