Have you come up with any idea to celebrate Women’s Day?


You now have a wide selection of proposals and options at hand!


A cosy night out with your best friend for a gourmet dinner, sipping a glass of excellent wine; a cheerful party at one of the many local venues where you can listen to music and have fun; or “your” day spent with the person you love and who loves you.


No misunderstanding: you got it right! Why not spending your day with someone who lives by your side all year round and loves you for what you are? It may sound awkward or against the mainstream, but give it a thought: it would be an extraordinary occasion to celebrate your uniqueness in an intimate and private manner, all for yourself!



Pick your trusted beauty centre and book a treatment for two. Beauty, wellness and relax will, at least for a while, help you forget the burdens of daily routine, reduce the level of cortisol, which is a cause of stress, and take a whole day for yourself. What else do you need?



Once at home in the evening, do your cooking together! No need for restaurants or parties: a private dinner cooked together, served with good wine, will convert the space of daily routine into the scene for a perfect Women’s Day!



And do not forget to … dance! You do not have to be skilful dancers to do it. Dancing is good for your health: it increases the levels of serotonin, prevents arthrosis, improves posture, and gently trains the cardiovascular system.



The key is not how you will spend your Day, but who you will spend it with!

Happy Women’s Day to all women and those who love them!