Time to tan, let’s get our skin ready!


If you run a spa or a beauty center, you know that the first summer sun rays make your clients want to change their outfit, wear their swimsuits and getting ready for tanning. How to help them to get their skin ready?

During the long, cold winter months, our skin is covered and is not free to breathe, so it loses the ability, gained over the previous months, to defend itself against UV rays. It is also thicker, stiff and dehydrated: this leads to unfavorable conditions for tanning.

A healthy, even, and lasting tan requires proper preparation and attention. Before getting to solutions, let’s get to know our skin better.

Skin Life Cycle

Skin is made of different layers of cells that have their own life cycle. They are born, they grow and die: they are part of a continuous and ceaseless renovation, called cell turnover.

When the cells, from the deepest skin layer, reach the surface and come into contact with the outside, they do not have a nucleus anymore: they are called corneocytes and they are dead cells. They are the defense barrier against the attacks from the outside. When the corneocytes lose cohesion and start to peel off, they must be eliminated in order to favor the birth of new cells. In this way, the skin is not only brighter, but also more prepared to absorb sunrays.


getting ready for tanning


How to eliminate dead skin then? The key is: exfoliation! Let’s discover some techniques together.


Exfoliating treatment in the steam bath

The steam bath, a typical piece of spa equipment, is becoming more and more popular even among private clients for daily well-being.


getting ready for tanning


Inside this cabin, the temperature is around 45 °C and the humidity rate is 98%. This climate favors skin renovation, evenness and brightness and, as a result, its deep cleanliness.

The benefits of the steam bath on skin are enhanced by specific products to apply during the session in the cabin, like the scrub. In this way, the results in terms of firmness, tone and hydration are perfect to prepare for summer tanning.


Exfoliating treatment with Nuvola

The exfoliating treatment in the Nuvola tank is a real elixir for health and beauty. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of dry floatation, you will be able to offer an experience of deep mental and physical relaxation and, at the same time, enhance the effectiveness of the exfoliating treatment.


getting ready for tanning


Thanks to an innovative system of dry floatation, you can lie on your back in zero gravity and with zero points of contact. This state, together with the heat of the water at body temperature and to the sweating favored by the flaps, softens the skin layer and boosts the cell turnover.

Furthermore, the total absence of gravity favors the venous and lymphatic circulation, bringing nutrition and hydration to the deeper tissues.


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