If you are one of those mums who are lucky enough (yes, you read it right, you’re lucky!) to turn your regular work activity into “Smart Working”, you’ll probably realise that your romantic vision of it doesn’t match reality.

Being focused is more difficult when you have children around the house; moreover, if they are aged between 3 and 10, it’s not easy to explain to them that “mum is home, but she has to work”. And thus, suddenly, you find yourself struggling between the temptation of leaving them watching TV, provided that they let you work, and the guilt of those who would like to play with them but cannot.


In such an emergency situation like the one currently caused by #Coronavirus, there is no magic wand; we all have to make the effort to accept an unknown reality that scares us and to stick to the rules.


But you, mum, you have a great chance: finding a moment in your daily routine that you can turn into an unforgettable memory for you and your kid.   Because often what really counts is quality and not quantity of the time you spend together.


Here you can then find some tips for a mother and child massage that will immediately wipe out the strains of the day!


Why should you massage your child?

Mum’s sweet caresses make the oldest bond of affection in history deeper. Skin contact is the most powerful expression of communication ever existing and, compared to words, it’s the most sincere since there is no deceit in the sense of touch.  Moreover, the sense of touch is the only bi-directional sense: if I lightly touch you, you can’t help feeling it.


Children discover the world even through their skin, which is by far the most exposed organ compared to the others: in fact, through the skin they learn about heat and cold, the difference between soft and hard, about itching, pleasure and discomfort, since it is extremely rich in nerve endings that carry information to the brain. It is exactly by massaging and caressing your children that you will be able to activate some of their vital functions.


How should you massage your child?

Massaging the body of a kid is simpler than you may think: you just need to apply gentle strokes with your hands open and embracing.  It is though important for you to be fully present and relaxed, because at this moment you will turn into a real instrument conveying positive energy.


Follow these steps:

  1. turn off the TV and dim the lights;
  2. choose a soft and peaceful music in the background;
  3. let your child lie down on a bed, a sofa or a soft carpet;
  4. use a neutral body cream, heating it in your hands;
  5. massage the body from bottom to top, without taking your hands off, with slow and gradual movements.   Make sure the massage last 20/30 minutes, front and back;
  6. wrap your child in a warm bathrobe and let him/her relax for 10/15 more minutes on the sofa, or in your arms;
  7. make him/her a good snack.

It's you turn!


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