If it is true that non-verbal communication accounts for about 70% of communicative effectiveness, then it is equally true that our posture is a real calling card, saying a lot about both our physical and mental health.

It’s not just about the traditional standards that characterize a “fierce” posture, with open shoulders and a high chin, and one that is more submissive, with closed shoulders, low chin and folded arms. It is about one’s own personal well-being and productivity.



Technically, we may say that posture is an actual strategy, resulting from a close relationship between our neurological system and the outer environment: in short, it is the briefest and most transparent way in which we can claim our place in the world, conveying it through non-verbal communication.



A correct posture must always comply with three fundamental principles:  comfort, low energy consumption and absence of pain. Ultimately, our body “deserves” a position that is comfortable, inexpensive in terms of energy consumption, and that doesn’t cause pain. If the position is correct, you don’t have to put too much of an effort in it. In fact, too much effort causes stiffness and unpleasant contractures.


Conversely, a wrong posture affects our health and beauty negatively:

  • When we wear heels, for example, the weight distribution between forefoot and heel is reversed, which results in a misalignment of the spine. Also, we obstruct the correct circulation and the venous return, favoring the stagnation of liquids and cellulitis.



  • Improper posture when sitting at a desk can cause muscle relaxation in the lower limbs, resulting in an accumulation of liquids in the glutei and thighs. Keeping a curved spine at dorsal and lumbar level for a long time leads to contractures and muscle tensions and favors muscle relaxation and fat accumulation.


  • Keeping legs crossed for a long time further affects the slowdown of venous and lymphatic circulation, already obstructed by the sitting position.



If you run a spa or a beauty center, your offer can’t be short of services for ergonomics and posture.

Rely on the know-how and research behind the Nuvola Experience products: the therapeutic effect of dry floatation, with zero points of contact on the body, relaxes the spine and the muscle contractures and favors the venous and lymphatic circulation. Completed with body treatments and with a professional’s experience, it will be a distinctive service that your customers will love!



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