Beauty and wellness: the therapeutic role in RCH


Either you manage a Residential Health Care facility or you work in the healthcare sector for senior citizens, maybe you have thought about the importance of beauty for the elderly.

Or maybe not.

Well, we did it: it has been an amazing journey in a world that deserves to be brought to light and managed with the same attention we all pay to traditional cares, not only because it is as important as them but also because it is strictly linked to a crucial aspect of everyone’s life: human dignity.

In the popular imagination, old age is synonymous with physical deterioration. But what happens when it’s old people themselves who adapt to this common belief? They cling to old memories, they stop dreaming and wishing for something good for themselves, they become inactive and, as a consequence, they fall ill more easily (or it is more difficult for them to recover).



The mirror doesn’t lie for the elderly: their skin loses its strength, facial wrinkles increase and hair colour change or greying result in a loss of confidence, a rejection of their body and a growing lack of motivation for taking care of it.

Taking care of their body and appearance contributes to release endorphins, it has a positive impact on their self-perception and stimulates their psychological well-being, thus promoting old people’s instinct for survival; however, this aspect is still greatly overlooked.



Nonetheless, we think that the Covid-19 emergency and its dramatic effects have obliged the whole world to dwell on the elderly importance and the need to protect a generation which is full of wisdom, knowledge and unconditional love. That’s the reason why, now more than ever, it is crucial to make RCH aware about this topic, thus pushing them to activate those beauty services that prove to be the most powerful from a therapeutic point of view.

Which professionals should you trust?

Hair Care

The hair style and colour for women, as well as a nice and clean cut for men, will require the presence of a hairdresser and a barber at least once a week.

Manicure and pedicure

Given by a beautician and a podiatrist to combine the appearance and the pleasure of a colourful nail polish with health and functional benefits: the treatment of corns and calluses that cause pain and, in some cases, difficulties in resting the foot.


Facial and body care

Entrusted to a beautician able to guarantee a good skin hydration and, why not, a light and rejuvenating make-up.


Revitalizing body massage

Performed by a masseur and physiotherapist, who will be able to wake up the venous and lymphatic circulation, thus improving muscle oxygenation and tone.


The Nuvola Experience team, which have been offering their advice to beauty centres and beauty spas for years, have therefore decided to make themselves available for nursing homes and RCH: if you want to discover which equipment you should buy or rent to guarantee your guests a beauty service combined with the therapeutic power of dry floating, send us an email to