Back in shape after Christmas!


We have joyfully and merrily eaten and toasted to say goodbye to the year now gone and get ready to start the new one. Be honest, though: getting back into shape after the Christmas binges is one of your good proposals for the new year, isn’t it?

Cold, preparations for the holidays and food binges contribute to making our body and face skin look tired and dull; they make our forms heavier and represent a source of distress for our mind.

A programme for skin regeneration in combination with moments of relax will help getting back the right balance between body and mind. It is all about tiny, daily actions of care to make your skin hydrated and tonic while body and mind will recover the shape and energy required to live through winter.

Below is a list of useful hints.

Give up wrong habits!

Taking care of our skin and psycho-physical balance should be a priority. Unluckily, however, our frantic life and our many engagements often lead us to neglect our body and mind. What are the wrong habits that damage our skin? Let’s go through them.

  1. Removing one’s make-up incorrectly. When we are tired or in a hurry, we sometimes do not have energy enough to remove our make-up before going to bed. This is a top-ranking bad habit: skin is not allowed to breathe when it is not cleansed and it tends to become opaque, poorly hydrated and dull.
  2. No skin cleansing. Skin cleansingis essential for a clean and bright skin: it should be a daily action, especially for people who live in the city and whose skin is filled with impurities.
  3. No body hydration. The skin in our body should not only be hydrated in summer when we tend to expose it more frequently. Cold temperatures and heavy clothing too tend to dehydrate the skin, which therefore requires large amounts of nourishing cream after a shower or a bath.
  4. Always being in a rush. Never taking a break and having our agenda filled with to-dos is a wrong habit, which is harmful for both physical and mental well-being. Distress negatively affects our body and quickly reduces all its energy. The skin too is affected: it tends to become dull and to lose tone, it withholds liquids locally causing well feared water retention.
  5. Sleeping short hours. Resting for short periods, improperly and at variable times increases irritability and negatively affects the skin and the quality of our day. The recommended hours of sleep are 7 to 8 each night and the recommendation is to always go to bed at the same time.
  6. Drinking little. Cold temperatures often lead us to drink less in winter than in summer. This is wrong! Drinking water, tea, herb teas, centrifuged and extracted vegetable/fruit juices will help the body and the skin to be more hydrated and have more tone. It will also contribute to the intake of the correct amount of vitamins and to the elimination of stagnating substances through diuresis. 
  7. Do it yourself. We often notice our imperfections, but we look for answers and miraculous treatments in the Internet because we are too lazy or do not want to spend money. Addressing beauty and wellness expert professionals for customised consultancies can sometimes help us recover our lost shape effectively, healthily and for long.

Ready-for-use hints


From your wellness professional

FACE AND BODY SCRUB – This is the right time to take care of your skin with a creamy and scented scrub, a treatment the skin needs at regular intervals to be clean, smooth and toned. Exfoliation contributes to deep cleansing of the skin and helps cell renewal in addition to preparing the skin to receive any active ingredients applied later.

SLIMMING/LIPOLYTIC BODY TREATMENT – A slimming/lipolytic treatment facilitates the mobilization of metabolic substances in excess. The market now offers a wide range of advanced technological systems such as dry floatation on Nuvola Experience and other types of equipment which work in synergy with cosmetics, serums, bandaging, wraps and mud for optimised results.

BODY MASSAGGE – Massaging is considered as a non-verbal language, the only bidirectional sense (“I touch you and you feel me”). The massage expresses itself in the touch and in the body embrace by the hands of the operator and it establishes an intimate relationship that is filled with emotional contents.

Massaging the profile of the body, going deep or reaching deep muscular contractions gives the best benefit in terms of relaxation, improved blood flow, muscle stretching and drainage of excess fluids.



BATHS – Where feasible, have a relaxing bath with essential oils rather than a quick routine shower, which is what we do hastily every day. Select sweet orange-based citrus scents or Epsom salts that remove toxins at skin level. Place scented candles around you and use soft lights: these elements will wrap you in a charming and relaxing atmosphere. At the end of the bath, remember to nourish your body with a nourishing cream.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – Take a 10-minute break during your working day and spend some time to do breathing or Mindfulness exercises. Take time for yourself and for your passions; take the occasion to share moments with the people you love; enjoy your home; take a stroll in the green and in silence. Pamper yourself with relaxing lemon-balm-based and passionflower-based herb teas. Practice sport: do it at least two times a week so that you are relieved from all tensions.