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The website (“Website”) uses cookies. Cookies are text strings created by a server and stored on the computer’s hard disk or on any device used by the user to access the Internet (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and then be transmitted back to the user’s next Internet access. same. Cookies allow us to collect information about navigation performed by the user on the Website, for example to remember your language preferences or the currency used for a purchase, and propose them to the next visit to facilitate the use of the Site. Cookies can be stored in permanently on your computer and have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies), but can also disappear when the browser is closed or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies). Cookies can be installed from the Site you are visiting (c.d. first-party cookies) or they can be installed by other websites (c.d. third-party cookies). The Site uses first-party cookies, third-party cookies and other similar technologies, as better described below.

Data controller

Starpool S.r.l., F.C. and VAT 01397570225, R.E.A. TN 134816, headquarter in via Stazione 25, 38030 Ziano di Fiemme (TN), Tel. +39 0462 2571881 – e-mail:, (in the next paragraphs called “Company”).

1- Purpose of the processing

1.1 Technical cookies for navigation and functionality: the Website uses first-party, session and persistent cookies to allow a safe and efficient navigation and use of the site, as well as to improve the services rendered by the Site.
These are cookies that, for example, allow the recognition of the selected language and the country from which you connect to the site. These cookies, recognizing you when you access the site again, prevent you from having to enter your data each time. Finally, functional cookies improve the browsing experience.

1.2 Profiling cookies: The Website uses profiling cookies with which it is possible to note the preferences detected during each visit and thus create profiles that allow the sending of messages that are more in keeping with the user’s preferences and interests. This site also allows the use of third-party profiling cookies that are used to make you view our commercial offers even when you visit other sites (retargeting).

1.3 Analytical cookies: the Website uses Google Analytics cookies to collect information on the use of the Site by users (number of visitors, pages visited, time spent on the site, etc.). However, the users’ IP addresses are collected and processed anonymously and the service settings do not include data sharing with Google. For more details and information, visit the supplier page here You can in any case disable Google Analytics cookies by downloading a specific browser plug-in found here:

1.4 Facebook Profiling Cookies: The Website uses the Facebook Conversion Pixel Cookie which allows you to know the actions carried out on the website following advertising campaigns carried out on Facebook (for example it allows you to know how many times a specific page was viewed at following a post on our Facebook page). The Pixel Cookie also allows you to show the posts and listings of our page on Facebook to users who have visited the site. The data collected is aggregate / anonymous and does not in any way allow the Company to trace the identity of the user.

For more information on Facebook cookies, you can read the Facebook information about our cookies.

1.5 Other Cookies: On the site there are some videos hosted on YouTube. YouTube, due to its functionality, sends cookies to users. These cookies are directly sent and managed by YouTube and Google servers. The Company does not control the settings of these cookies and does not access the contents.
For more information on cookies used by Google and YouTube, you can read the types of cookies used by Google

2 – Legal bases of processing

2.1 Technical navigation cookies and functionality: execution of a contract of which you are a part (use of the Site).

2.2 Profiling cookies: consent (via banner, optional and revocable at any time).

2.3 Analytical cookies: legitimate interest.

3 – Period of storage of personal data

3.1 Technical navigation cookies and analytical features and cookies: for the entire duration of the browsing session on the Site and persistent even at the end of it.
3.2 Profiling cookies: until the revocation of the consent for this purpose that occurs with the deletion of profiling cookies from the browser cache.
Once the aforementioned storage terms have expired, your personal data will be destroyed, deleted or made anonymous, consistent with the technical procedures for deletion and backup.

4 – Obligation to provide data

When accessing any page on the Site, there is a Banner that contains a brief information. By closing the Banner or continuing to browse the Site, by accessing another area of ​​the site or selecting an element of the same (for example, an image or a link), you consent to the use of cookies . The consent to the use of cookies is registered with a “technical cookie”. You can learn about the information and how to disable third-party cookies by clicking on the links contained in the table containing the list of cookies on this page.

5 – Your rights as a data subject

Notwithstanding the provisions of point 8 of the Information on the processing of personal data, you can object to the registration of cookies on your hard disk by configuring your browsing browser to disable cookies. Below are the methods offered by the main browsers:

However, after this operation, some functions of the web pages may not be performed correctly.

6 – Characteristics of the cookies used on this Website

7 – Authorized subjects

The data collected through cookies will be processed by employees, collaborators of the Company or external parties, in their capacity as appointees and data processors, who perform tasks of a technical and organizational nature of the Site on behalf of the Company.

A complete and updated list of the Data Processors appointed by the Company can be obtained by writing via e-mail to