Everybody’s useful; he alone is indispensable

Multi-purpose wheeled trolley to ensure that you have a support surface together with heating and cooling compartments within hand’s reach at all times in order to enhance treatments with hot/cold contrast, in perfect Kneipp style.

  • Towel and Pindasweda compress heating compartment
  • Adjustable heated plate
  • Refrigerator compartment, adjustable to -2 ° C
  • Large surface area and concealed compartment


Allows you to enhance and customise traditional beauty procedures with the benefits of contrasting heat.

The heat contrast improves relaxation, muscle oxygenation and blood circulation.

The application of towels and hot and cold compresses intensifies the effects of the treatment.

The adjustable heated plate allows for the preparation and optimal temperature maintenance of products, optimising their efficacy.


Battista at 360°



nuvola rovere chiaro
nuvola rovere wenge
nuvola rovere bianco
nuvola bosco blu
nuvola muschio verde
nuvola terra chiara
nuvola rosa viola
battista rovere chiaro
battista rovere wenge
battista rovere bianco
battista bosco blu
battista muschio verde
battista terra chiara
battista rosa viola
soffio rovere chiaro
soffio wenge
soffio rovere bianco
soffio bosco blu
soffio muschio verde
soffio terra chiara
soffio rosa viola